Quality Alternator & Starter Rebuilding Since 1977


What we service...

  • Automotive
  • Agricultural
  • Race Cars
  • Heavy Duty
  • Foreign and Domestic
  • Off Road
  • Modify Alternators for more Amps
  • Replace existing Alternators with new for more amperage output
  • Custom Build Alternators for Marine Industry for more output to recharge batteries faster, mainly for sail boats

We also...

Convert alternators for new smart external regulators, again mainly for sail boats or maybe fishing boats. Conversions available to replace generators with alternators.

Convert mechanical generator regulators to solid state to preserve original look from the outside for show cars. Convert 6 volt starters and generators to 12 volt.

We build 6 volt, 8 volt, 12 and 24 volt alternators, either positive or negative ground one wire. Convert old generators with cutout to work with a regulator.

Build some starters to high torque for hard starting engines. We also provide technical advise after the sale to be sure everything works like you expect.